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How to use our wallet

❗️❗️❗️IMPORTANT❗️❗️❗️Bear in mind that Zilliqa Mainnet is currently in bootstrap phase, hence Send/Receive features are disabled. Also please note that Moonlet wallet supports native ZIL tokens only. ERC20 ZIL tokens are not supported. Therefore, please DO NOT send ERC20 ZIL tokens to our wallet. Thank you!

1. Install Extension

Access from below Chrome Store extension page and add it to your browser.

2. Create Wallet

Once you have Moonlet extension installed on your browser, open it and go through creating a new wallet. Don't forget to save your secret phrase and placed it securely.

3. Test it

Since Zilliqa Mainnet is in bootstrap phase and Send/Receive features are disabled, you can still take a look and check all other features. Thanks for your understanding.

4. Send Feedback

We'd love to have your feedback. It's important for us to understand how we can improve our product.

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Key features (Phase 1)

Blockchain agnostic

We can easily add new blockchain integration.

Web integration

You can connect and sign transactions from any website.

Hierarchical deterministic

Derive all private keys from a single master seed.

Strengthen security

Code audited by Zilliqa engineers and bugcrowd.com platform.

Speed performance

To speedup our application we use lazy loading technique.


Send or receive native ZIL tokens.

Full window mode

You can easily open the extension in a full window.

Consistent UX

Consistent experience across extension and web wallets.

Video: How we built a crypto-currency wallet.

We were delighted to share how we built a cryptocurrency wallet during one of our meetups, namely what went good, what went wrong and how we succeeded to overcome all the challenges that we faced so far.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Moonlet. Our product and technical team.

Adrian Irimia

Product Manager

Adrian has 10+ years’ success in leading software product development operations using agile project management methodologies. He co-founded cryptoland.tech, a blockchain tech community and has an MBA in Process&Project Management by WU Executive Academy Vienna.

Andrei Michnea

System Architect

Andrei is an experienced software architect and developer. He has a focus on SOA architecture, microservices, and he designed exchange systems and high performance services capable of handling millions of financial transactions. He is one of cryptoland.tech co-founders.

Tibi Krisboi

Senior Developer

Tibi is a senior full-stack developer and blockchain enthusiast. He has 8+ years experience in traditional software development, e.g. Javascript, NodeJs, PHP, Nginx, Solidity, Relational DB, NoSQL, REST, Microservices, Docker, etc. He co-founded cryptoland.tech.

Adrian Balasko

Business Analyst

Adrian is a senior business analyst, having 10+ years experience in software development, project and product management. He is passionate about researching new trends and technologies that will reshape the world. He joined blockchain ecosystem since early 2016.

Micky Socaci

System Architect

Micky joined software development world since early 2001and his focus now is on software architecture and security. He masters a bunch of technologies, e.g. AVR / C / C++ / PHP / AS3 / Lua / JavaScript / Solidity / IPFS / Swarm. He co-founded blockbits.io and zoom initiatives.

Our long-term vision

To deliver a seamless, secure and stable end-to-end payment experience for both businesses and individual users.

Key features (Phase 2)

Enabling Ether (ETH)

Integration with Ethereum blockchain platform in order to allow users to hold, send and receive Ether (ETH)

Enabling ERC-20 tokens

ERC-20 standard integration that will allow users to hold, send and receive Ethereum compatible tokens

Wallet recovery system

The system will allow users to recover their private keys, following an encrypted and safe recovery process

Readable addresses

Send to human friendly addresses, yourname.moonlet.xyz, rather than a 64 digit string similar with an IBAN

Stable(coin) payments

Rely on stablecoins when it comes to payments in order to overcome price volatility of cryptocurrencies

Pay with Moonlet

Allow users to pay with Moonlet whenever they need to buy an asset, e.g. digital content, virtual good, etc.

Pre-authorized payments

This feature makes it convenient for user to enable recurrent payments and make it automatic rather than manual.

Recurring payments

This feature is a very convenient way to pay bills or recurrent costs and make other payments automatically.

Scheduled payments

Users will be able to schedule payments to other addresses on specific time and date, on demand.

Threshold management

Receive notifications from wallet each and every time an amount or a transaction number is reached.


It simply allows any user to create as many accounts as it needs for all available assets within the same wallet.

The milestones

  • 1

    Community Development

    August 2017

  • 2

    Grant Programme Application

    June 2018

  • 3

    Moonlet Project Phase1 Kick Off

    August 2018

  • 4

    Beta Version Launch

    December 2018

  • 5

    Finalise Security Audit

    February 2019

  • 6

    Release Candidate Version

    April 2019

  • 7

    Seed Funding Round

    June 2019

  • 8

    Moonlet Project Phase2 Kick Off

    September 2019


We are actively seeking strategic investors who want to support our long-term vision.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we can align and find some synergies together.

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