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Get your .zil domain now before someone else buys it!

Moonlet will support .zil domain names making your crypto payments simple. Instead of this 0x5Cdc1F82680B915ee902d04C6D3109F8852B35f0 you could start using a human readable .zil domain name, e.g. johndoe.zil.

❗️❗️❗️Important note ❗️❗️❗️

Please note that if you send ERC-20 ZIL tokens to a NATIVE ZIL token address within Moonlet wallet, 👉you will lose all of them👈. Wait please for swap phase to be announced by Zilliqa in order to swap your ERC-20 ZIL tokens into NATIVE ZIL ones. Details will be released soon. Be vigilant! Thank you.

A blockchain agnostic cryptocurrency wallet

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Simple to use

Moonlet is a crypto currency wallet which offers intuitive features for managing digital assets.

Strengthen security

Our code base has been audited by a variety of information security domain field experts.


It enables blockchain distributed operations directly from the comfort of your browser.

Safety and security of funds are top priorities for us

We have a partnership with BitSentinel which audits our product against cyber threats. They are covering a variety of areas including:
  • Penetration Testing
  • Malware Protection
  • Cyber Attacks Recovery
  • 0day Attacks Mitigation
  • Security Audit.
  • Trainings

Security audit documentation

Our cryptocurrency wallet went through a rigours security assessment process performed by BitSentinel in order to improve its security. Their focus is on penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and code review for the whole Moonlet's infrastructure.

Current features

We are passionate about making software products simple, secure and convenient for both non-technical and technical users.

Native ZIL & ETH Support

Integration with Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchains in order to allow users to hold, send and receive native tokens.

Hierarchical Deterministic

It is capable of deriving multiple accounts on multiple different blockchains using the single master seed.

Multiple Accounts

It simply allows any user to create as many accounts as it needs for all available assets within the same wallet.

Transaction Status

Users will be able to check in real time their transaction status for both ZIL and ETH tokens.

Open-source Code

We've developed everything in a collaborative public manner, thus supporting open collaboration.

Phishing Protection

We added a phishing protection that's simple and effective. It could save you a lot of money.

Blockchain Agnostic

Its architecture facilitates integration with multiple blockchain platforms faster and easyer, therefore more efficient.

.zil Domain Names

.zil domains allow users to use human readable domain name instead of a hard to remember alpha-numeric string.

Developer Tools

Experienced users have advanced devtools that allow them to test and debug other integrations (using testnets).

Penetration testing documentation

Moonlet went through a penetration testing including white, grey and black box testing. They performed infrastructure and application penetration testing across all our tech stack.

We are going to work close with Remilt Secure in order to have a comprehensive overview of the attack paths taken by real-world hackers.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Moonlet.

Adrian Irimia

Co-founder, Product Manager

Adrian has 10+ years’ success in leading software product development operations using agile project management methodologies. He co-founded cryptoland.tech, a blockchain tech community and has an MBA in Process&Project Management by WU Executive Academy Vienna.

Tibi Krisboi

Co-founder, Software Developer

Tibi is a senior full-stack developer and blockchain enthusiast. He has 8+ years experience in traditional software development, e.g. Javascript, NodeJs, PHP, Nginx, Solidity, Relational DB, NoSQL, REST, Microservices, Docker, etc. He co-founded cryptoland.tech community.

Andrei Michnea

Co-founder, System Architect

Andrei is an experienced software architect and developer. He has a focus on SOA architecture, microservices, and he designed exchange systems and high performance services capable of handling millions of financial transactions. He is one of cryptoland.tech co-founders.

Adrian Balasko

Co-founder, Business Analyst

Adrian is a senior business analyst, having 10+ years experience in software development, project and product management. He is passionate about researching new trends and technologies that will reshape the world. He joined blockchain ecosystem since early 2016.



Micky Socaci

Software Developer

Cristian Bote

Software Developer

Ionut Bodogai

Software Developer

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Our long-term vision

To deliver a seamless, secure and stable end-to-end payment experience for both businesses and individual users.

Next key features

Enabling ERC-20 tokens

ERC-20 standard integration that will allow users to hold, send and receive Ethereum compatible tokens

Wallet recovery system

The system will allow users to recover their private keys, following an encrypted and safe recovery process

Threshold management

Receive notifications from wallet each and every time an amount or a transaction number is reached.

Readable addresses

Send to human friendly addresses, yourname.moonlet.xyz, rather than a 64 digit string similar with an IBAN

Stable(coin) payments

Rely on stablecoins when it comes to payments in order to overcome price volatility of cryptocurrencies

Pay with Moonlet

Allow users to pay with Moonlet whenever they need to buy an asset, e.g. digital content, virtual good, etc.

Pre-authorized payments

This feature makes it convenient for user to enable recurrent payments and make it automatic rather than manual.

Recurring payments

This feature is a very convenient way to pay bills or recurrent costs and make other payments automatically.

Scheduled payments

Users will be able to schedule payments to other addresses on specific time and date, on demand.

The milestones

  • 1.

    Community Development

    August 2017

  • 2.

    Grant Programme Application

    June 2018

  • 3.

    Phase 1
    Kicks Off

    August 2018

  • 4.

    Beta 1.0

    December 2018

  • 5.

    Phase 2 Kicks Off

    February 2019

  • 6.

    Release Beta 2.0

    April 2019

  • 7.

    Finalise Security Audit

    June 2019

  • 8.


    September 2019


We are actively seeking strategic investors who want to support our long-term vision.

Please feel free to contact us and see how we can align and find some synergies together.

GDPR Note: Please read the following note in order to have the complete overview about our privacy policy.