Moonlet Portal

We aim to make it easier for DApp builders to be both efficient and effective, acting as a non-custodial middleware service, by offering a wallet as a service portal, which let them seamlessly integrate bockchain services and building blocks into their DApps.

We support businesses to overcome the complexity of building non-custodial blockchain agnostic cross-platform DApps by providing Native and JavaScript SDKs.


There is no need to developed a DApp from scratch since our portal has all features already built in.


DApps can truly focus now on user experience and their core business instead of backstage features.


Moonlet Wallet


In order to manage their crypto assets, users can use their desktop, laptop or phones.


It gives users full control over their funds, therefore it is much safer and secure.

Blockchain agnostic

We allow our users to interact with multiple blockchain platforms within our wallet.


Users have even more storing options, e.g. Ledger, Mobile Kyestore or React Keychain.

Node Operator

Moonlet Node

We operate nodes for next-generation blockchain networks and we are committed to support the decentralisation movement forward.

  • Zilliqa (coming soon)
  • Near (testnet)
  • Solana (testnet)

  • Cosmos (testnet)
  • Celo (testnet)

Reliable infrastructure

We run our nodes in top tier data centers distributed worldwide.

High availability

We use enterprise infrastructure with 99.99% uptime SLAs

DDoS protection

We setup our nodes using advanced security and arrays of sentry nodes.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor systems performance KPIs on real time, 24/7.

Let's talk

Please feel free to get in contact with us. We are always open to receive feedback, discuss about business opportunities and partnerships, as we are constantly striving for a better decentralised world.

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